I'm Ainna, and Northstar.nu is the main portal to all my personal and fan-related projects, spread across three child domains. I am mainly a fandom content consumer, but owning a domain (or several) gives me a more distinctive and tailored alternative to the fan spaces social media sites provide... most likely because I grew up in a time when one's online presence had to be built from scratch. ^^;

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This is my third domain, replacing the ones I've owned in 2008 and 2017. The name is based on my love of the night sky and its romantic associations. The north star, perhaps better known as "polaris," has come to mean the star to which the earth always faces. It is also used idiomatically to refer to that one person to whom one's heart is anchored. (I first heard it from Felicity Huffman in her 2015 SAG speech, when she thanked her husband William H. Macy and referred to him as her north star.) ♡

V is obviously my bias, this beautiful ball of chaos I wanted a domain that would reflect my affinity for romance; thankfully, Northstar.nu was available. (* ^ ω ^) I very much like the alliterative look of the URL, and I also like the paradoxical feel afforded by the ".nu" extension—because it can be read like "new", the constancy of the north star is combined with novelty, as if to mirror my tendency to fall in love with things, old and new, while not losing sight of the core things that matter.

All my sites are nonprofit and created purely for fun. They are either joinables—themed sites aimed at uniting everyone with an online presence—or showcases of my fan-related fascinations. Hover over each image below to find out what each site is for.

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