Though it's relatively easy now to craft one's online identity through any social networking site (SNS), I still prefer the joy I derive from creating my own sites. Webdesign as a hobby provides me a much-needed creative escape: it is something completely different from what I do in real life, and the closest I can get to satisfying my artistic impulse (though I am not and will never be an artist ^^;). This has been my pastime since 1999, having taught myself how to use graphics software and hand-code layouts in PHP/HTML/CSS with Notepad. To this day, putting up small fan tributes has always appealed to me as the best way to express my love for my multiple and frequently-changing fandoms.

In what is perhaps a misguided sense of nostalgia, however, I choose to happily remain anchored to a time when personal sites were made for visitors who could only access the internet through their computers. Hence, all my sites are optimized for the most common resolution, 1366x768, and are best viewed on desktop, not mobile.

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I typically design new layouts when my current fandom interest shifts—it's usually when I feel like the site has been wearing the same "clothes" for a while and therefore need to change. You're now looking at the seventh version of this site, released April 2, 2020. As it happens, I've been sleeping on the awesome K-Pop phenomenenon that is BTS (방탄소년단), until I saw them on Jimmy Fallon early this year and I've been lowkey stanning them ever since. (* ^ ω ^) While it's very clear who my bias is, I love every single one of the boys, and everything they are and what they stand for. You can learn more about who they are in this Vox article, which can actually serve as a very good BTS primer.

The current design is the result of a layout block the past few months. xD It is a substantially modified version of an old layout I briefly used for my fanlisting collective. I still think it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself—Taehyung makes anything look good. (*/▽\*) Version seven of the domain is fittingly numbered for BTS' latest album, Map of the Soul: 7, while the headings for the pages are lyrics from V's solo release, "Sweet Night", which is part of the soundtrack for the Netflix K-drama series Itaewon Class. This is a track he wrote and produced himself—and it's all in English!— and it broke records on the Billboard charts and debuted at #1 on the US iTunes charts. #proudfan

Below are sucky tiny screencaps of the past layouts I made for this site. I claim no ownership of any of the characters or celebrities featured here, the rights of whom belong to their respective creators and/or management companies. I am just a fan showing appreciation. No infringement is intended. All fanart are used with permission from their respective artists, while official image use is guided by the Fair Use Clause. For more details, please go to the Fine Print subsection.